By Jenna Devinney Marketing Specialist

Many email marketers will eventually find themselves on at least one domain or IP blacklist at some point in their history. Believe it or not it happens to both good and bad senders, which is why it’s crucial to pay attention to your email marketing approach. And protect your all important Sender Reputation.

If you find yourself on a blacklist, or threatened by one, it is probably a good time to speak with us about Webbula Multi-Method Email Hygiene.

The impact of having your domain or IP on a blacklist can cause huge disruptions and negatively impact your ability to deliver. It is crucial for marketers to understand what blacklists are and the steps they can take to avoid them in the first place.

The purpose of email blacklists is to prevent email from being sent to inboxes that have not opted-in to receive email recently with explicit and informed consent. And while no single preventative measure will guarantee zero blacklistings, if you are doing everything in your power to send email that people want – it will make the process of getting delisted that much easier.

Most blacklists use networks of spam trap email addresses to identify IP addresses and domains that send unwanted commercial email. Spam traps are email addresses that the operator believes should not be receiving email from marketers, or any other source for that matter. And while there are many different types of spam traps, only Webbula has the exclusive relationship that allows us to detect them.

Customer data grows stale over time, causing bounces, complaints, and even greylisting, resulting in low sender’s reputation and potential blacklisting. Because spam traps deliver, open, click, and develop every day, it is essential to protect your email marketing resources with regular email cleaning. Which brings us to…

Webbula Multi-Method Email Hygiene

The Webbula Multi-Method Email Hygiene Platform offers the industry-leading, bundled approach of verification and hygiene to safeguard your brand reputation and email resources. While it is important to validate if an email is deliverable through verification, it is even more important to recognize and identify dangerous threats in order to avoid being blacklisted, and that is where our email hygiene can help.

Email Hygiene protects your list from email threats like phishers, spam traps, bots, and malicious traps so you can reduce your exposure and risk of a blacklisting and even fines.

How do I use Email Hygiene

You can submit your email list via our self-service portal, FTP client, or API and receive real-time intelligence on your list quality. Webbula provides a comprehensive report classifying email threats by categorizing them as Reputation, Fraud, Delivery, and/or Conversion threats. Using these flags in the reports you receive, you can make an informed decision on how to strategically deploy your campaign and how to react to various risks on your email list. Webbula’s platform is fully customizable based on your unique needs.

How is Webbula Email Hygiene Different?

Webbula’s Email Hygiene is the most transparent and comprehensive solution available. Because Webbula has an exclusive relationship with the world’s largest honeypot purveyor, we are able to actually detect spam traps, unlike other vendors. Our all-in-one platform goes beyond Email Hygiene and Email Verification and can identify the best emails through Social Media Authentication. Thousands of brands trust Webbula’s data integrity because of strict procedures against customer data caching and recycling.

The Solution

If your business revolves around your emails, the best solution for reducing your risk of ending up on a blacklist are discussing your options with Webbula, the data quality experts. Blacklists do not live to make our lives miserable, they are a necessity designed to protect consumers. It is critical that your emails land in your client’s inbox, and here at Webbula, we take pride in making sure your email never lands you on a blacklist.

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