Visvero’s mission is to help small- and medium-size businesses use data effectively in the organizational decision making. In doing so, it is contributing to make effective management an organization discipline and not depend on individual brilliance. Here’s more on this fast-moving Pittsburgh Technology Council member:

TEQ: So, tell us what Visvero does and how it got started?

Visvero: We are an analytics services company that affords small- and medium-size comparable values from data and analytics strategies that were heretofore only available to  large companies for scale reasons. We deploy low code strategies that allow our clients an ability to not only easily see and understand the historical data, but also make progressively accurate estimates for the future.

We got started creating a physician’s aide device and had to pivot to leveraging our knowledge base for a broader consulting services business. 

“Our specialists bring years of expertise in related industries to help management teams separate meaningful data and noise.”

TEQ: What are some of the more common business intelligence problems that your clients face and how does Visvero help?

Visvero: Our clients face two direct problems. One is of culture. While business intelligence shines light on the key aspects of the business, either identifying opportunities or exposing inefficiencies, businesses rely on management’s will and wherewithal to drive change. Companies seek us out to help communicate about key metrics and improve on measures being developed.

Another one is of the reliance on and reliability of data. This is important because the weakness here makes “problem one” above even bigger.  However,  this is easily solved with getting technology components right. Our specialists bring years of expertise in related industries to help management teams separate meaningful data and noise. Our company has developed a process of continuous “prototype-test-deploy-expand” strategy that increases effectiveness and trust in business intelligence deployments.

TEQ: Is there a typical client or industry that Visvero works best with?

Visvero: As one can imagine, business intelligence has a broad application and our work spans a number of industries. We have a deeper body of work in banking, retail and pharmaceutical industries.

TEQ: How has building Visvero in Pittsburgh been rewarding?

Visvero: As a consulting company, Visvero needs access to specialists with innovative thinking and also a broad experience base that has tested the innovation. Pittsburgh, with its smaller city in a big city body, provides an ideal nurturing place for all kinds of people. The recent visibility that the city has been getting is making it even easier for  professionals to choose Pittsburgh as a city to move to.  It has been a great place to call home for our family as well as for our business.

TEQ: What tech trends are you paying attention to the most right now?

Visvero: These days you cannot open a business and technology article and not hear artificial intelligence. We are making investments in human–computer interdependent technologies like augmented intelligence and natural language querying.