Founded in the predawn of Pittsburgh’s tech industry in 1986, Mastech became one of the region’s most recognizable and successful IT staffing companies.

The publicly traded company (NYSE: MHH) has thrived over more than three decades by not standing still and continually reacting to new marketplace demands.

In 2016, Mastech made perhaps one of its boldest moves rebranding itself as Mastech Digital to provide digital transformation services, including social, mobile, analytic, cloud (the “SMAC” stack) and automation technologies. It backed up the rebrand to deliver these services through the acquisition of data management/analytics company InfoTrellis in 2017.

Vivek Gupta is leading Mastech Digital into new digital transformation service areas.

“When I took over as the CEO in March 2016, one thing was clear to me: What got us here, won’t get us where we wanted to get to. We had to make changes – some immediate, some in the short-term, and some in the medium to long-term. We put together a strategic plan to move from Mastech 1.0 to Mastech 2.0 which is the company we see today,” said Vivek Gupta, President and CEO, Mastech Digital.

Mastech Digital’s expanded portfolio of digital transformation IT services focuses on delivering higher returns on its customers’ digital investments through its Data Management and Analytics services; providing CRM on cloud powered by; driving IT efficiencies through SAP HANA; and using digital methods to enhance organizational learning. The company’s core IT staffing services now span across both digital and mainstream technologies.

“The space of digital technologies is both vast and deep. We have identified the strategic areas in which we are going to go deep, and we are committed to making the right investments in the chosen technology domains,” said Gupta.

Gupta is excited about the digital horsepower InfoTrellis brings to Mastech Digital. Before the acquisition, he said InfoTrellis was recognized as the premier data and analytics company providing customers with actionable insights from their enterprise data assets. Gupta not only led the acquisition to closing, but has also ensured a seamless integration of the two companies post acquisition. InfoTrellis today functions as a fully integrated business unit of Mastech Digital, and is positioned in the marketplace under the sub-brand Mastech InfoTrellis. The acquisition of InfoTrellis has added about 250 data and analytics specialists globally to the Mastech Digital family and has also enabled the company to get into Canada as a new market.

InfoTrellis was founded in 2007 by Moo Abbas, Sachin Wadhwa and Zahid Naeem, who were part of the original team that created the first Master Data Management platform for IBM.

“Moo and Sachin today are key members of the Mastech Digital executive team and that lends a lot of credibility to our data management practice in the industry,” added Gupta.

With Mastech InfoTrellis, customers can now derive valuable actionable insights from their vast amounts of data and create competitive advantage for their enterprises.

“Data is one of the most valuable assets for enterprises today,” said Gupta. “And Mastech Digital is well placed to make a big impact on our customers’ digital transformation initiatives with its deep expertise in the data and analytics space. I am extremely bullish about the opportunities that lie ahead for Mastech Digital.”

Story and Photo by Jonathan Kersting, VP of Communications and Media, Pittsburgh Technology Council