By Douglas Pelletier, President of Trifecta Technologies

Earlier this year, Trifecta Technologies put more than a toe in the waters of the Three Rivers. We opened a satellite office in Pittsburgh, to introduce the capabilities of our firm and to showcase the benefits of well-architected and creatively designed CRM and custom IT solutions to the thousands of companies – big and small — who call Pittsburgh home.

It has become clear that in today’s marketplace, analytics are helping to reshape the enterprise and drive business decisions like never before. Terms like big data, machine learning, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence all find their way into many executive meeting rooms and strategy sessions.

Yet, what is also clearer than ever before is that data is only beneficial if it becomes actionable. And to make it actionable it has to be extracted, analyzed and then translated into something that not only executives and upper management find beneficial but that reaches all the way through the organization to the front line. That front line is often the sales team—the feet on the street—the road warriors who need analytics and tools that dissect their accounts and opportunities like never before.

“What is also clearer than ever before is that data is only beneficial if it becomes actionable.”

Our Pittsburgh office, which is led by Terri Deasy, has been focusing on helping companies across the region to effectively use data analytics to improve overall sales performance. Our team is engaging with many Pittsburgh companies and demonstrating how we’ve helped some of our clients across the country give their sales organizations an analytics framework that has allowed them to explore untapped opportunities, sometimes within the accounts they already owned, leading to greater market share, deeper account relationships and a stronger focus.

Many sales organizations consistently struggle to use analytics effectively. Everyone is striving to become a high performing sales machine, and they often overthink their analytics needs and overwhelm sales teams with too much data in complex dashboards and charts. We understand companies in Pittsburgh, as within cities all across the country, want illustrative portals, meaningful dashboards, and better management reporting of their company’s sales forecasts and results.

What we have found is that you may be doing sophisticated algorithms, predictive analysis and other data compilation tactics behind the scenes.  But when you present the information out to your sales team, it is important to keep it simple, provide them with easy-to-read reports but more than anything, make them actionable.

For 25+ years, Trifecta Technologies has been a trusted technology partner to its clients, building cloud solutions and custom software that improve employee productivity, engage customers, and demonstrate tangible ROI. Trifecta is headquartered in Allentown, Pa., with satellite offices in Pittsburgh, Chicago and New York, also offers UI/UX design services, consultation with a team of technical experts and consultants, managed IT services, and training and support for its custom development work.

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