If you operate like most businesses, you want to provide employees with a comprehensive health insurance portfolio and benefits package at an affordable price. And it is likely that you repeat the same frustrating process year-after-year in preparation for plan renewals.

The process typically begins with a few prayers for a low premium increase followed by reviewing quotes, comparing benefits and networks, leapfrogging from one insurance company to another and shifting more costs to your employees. To make matters worse, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has placed emphasis on regulatory requirements, which adds to your administrative burden.

Now is the time to break with this tradition and work with the team at PTC Corporate Coverage Group.

“Our team negotiates in your best interest, represents unique products and delivery systems, and leverages technology to support your employee enrollment, communications and reporting,” said Audrey Russo, Pittsburgh Technology Council President and CEO, when asked about why members should consider PTC CCG.

While negotiations, products and technology are critical to creating the right insurance plans, maintaining the effectiveness and employee satisfaction of the benefits program also requires accessibility and support. While it’s true that open enrollment is a challenging time of year, you need quality customer service, compliance support, ongoing education, technology upgrades and strategic planning throughout the year.

Now is the time to break with this tradition and work with the team at PTC Corporate Coverage Group.

In other words, celebrate a successful renewal and open enrollment! Then expect the PTC CCG team to keep the “pedal to the metal” on defining and refining your objectives; building the tactical plan; and supporting the strategies for successful future renewals. And absolutely expect the personalized attention, quality customer service and daily problem solving from licensed and friendly representatives.

Rules, regulations and politics governing employee benefits and health insurance plans are adding yet another layer of complexity. PTC CCG is paying attention, and, we have the expertise to guide you to avoid compliance violations and costly penalties. We offer software tools to determine and report your number of full-time equivalent employees, to ensure that your health plan provides minimum value, and to decipher complex IRS reporting requirements.

Just one more innovation to consider…

A newer technology is now providing PTC members with de-identified employee health data and risk factors. With this information, the gaps in your health care plan can be identified, employee education can be specific and personalized and emerging health insurance claims can be reduced. We have many clients who find this new approach to be the best way to engage and empower employees and family members. The outcomes are quantifiable and making a meaningful difference in gaining better control over health care costs.

As an employer and member of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, now is the time to ask “Am I making a difference for my company?” Then call the PTC CCG experts to learn more about innovations in technology and services that are positively impacting health insurance plans today. Learn more at: www.pghtech.org/membership-benefits/employee-benefits.aspx