Jonathan Kersting Pittsburgh Technology Council

By Jonathan Kersting, Vice President of Communications and Media, Pittsburgh Technology Council

Welcome to the first issue of TEQ in 2019!

This particular issue marks a pretty cool milestone for TEQ. It’s the 70th issue featuring contributing writer Dave Nelsen and his “Interactive” column. Dave has deep roots in Pittsburgh’s tech sector with companies that you just might remember, including FORE Systems, CoManage and TalkShoe. He is now one of the nation’s most prolific social media authors, speakers and consultants.

Dave’s column has always been one of my favorite for a few reasons. First, I love his laid-back, matter-of-fact writing style. He never gets too technical and makes the complex very digestible. Second, Dave keeps me up to date on the latest apps and social media strategies. It’s all about relevant content delivered in an actionable and engaging format for me!

One of my favorite “Interactive” columns detailed how Dave traveled from Houston to Cleveland using more than a half dozen travel apps. I loved the fact that I was reading a “Trains, Planes and Automobiles”-style narrative while learning how different travel apps worked from booking a flight to reserving a hotel room and finding a restaurant.

This very article first introduced me to Waze as Dave described the final leg of his journey to the speaking engagement. Yes, Waze got him out of a hairy traffic jam via a circuitous route that seemed downright harrowing. Against all odds, Dave made it to his gig just in the nick of time, and I was thoroughly entertained and educated reading all about the latest travel apps.

After 70 articles Dave keeps me guessing and in the know. I stay ahead of the curve reading “Interactive.” I hope that you enjoy Dave’s articles as much as I do. In this issue, he will tell you why we all need a second brain. And Dave has some great tech strategies to just about make that happen.

Thanks, Dave, for 70 awesome and educating articles. Here’s to 70 more! Happy 2019!