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The top-producing Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner in the Northeast U.S. will now serve Pittsburgh. EagleDream Technologies of Rochester, N.Y., specializes in helping business with the industry-leading set of Amazon cloud services. The company is only 5 years old, but has grown quickly in that time, and is now ranked first in the crowded Northeast region, where thousands of competitors vie for attention in large cities like New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

That high ranking raised their profile, which further accelerated customer demand.

EagleDream is launching in Western Pennsylvania with the help of KRNLS, a Pittsburgh-based firm that offers strategy and services to support young and startup businesses during periods of growth. In the case of EagleDream Technologies, KRNLS will be hosting local events, meeting with prospective clients, and organizing local marketing efforts.

Jon Providence, vice president of EagleDream Technologies, is overseeing the expansion effort. “We’re coming to Pittsburgh because both Amazon Web Services and their clients are asking us to do so. It’s great to be recognized as the #1 for a very competitive region, but we have to manage the growth appropriately. We’re not going to rush into anything. We have production capacity – 35 certified AWS Architects on staff, for example – but partnering with Scot MacTaggart and Olga Pogoda at KRNLS gives us some valuable flexibility on local representation. They are competent people, they know the local tech scene, and we can put them out in front right away.”

KRNLS partner Scot MacTaggart will lead the EagleDream effort. “EagleDream is a perfect client for us. They have a winning operation, and the capacity to handle a lot more growth.

“From a messaging perspective, it’s easy to get people excited about EagleDream. We just have get in front of the right people. When we have their attention, we can tell most of the story with two simple facts. The first is that EagleDream is one of a very small number of top-rated AWS partners. The second is that their upper-echelon position gives them unfair advantages over almost every other reseller. They can literally give away some value-add cloud services – 100% for free – just because of their standing and past performance.”

As EagleDream develops a foothold in Western Pennsylvania, Providence says that the company will open a local office and hire local support staff. “Pittsburgh has a huge tech community. It’s very important to us. Plus, our CEO Bob Moore grew up here. His mom still lives north of the city. He’s a North Allegheny guy. A local office is definitely in the cards for the future.”

The official announcement of EagleDream’s Pittsburgh presence was February 18th, and kicked off with a special episode of Epicast Network’s “Pitchwerks” podcast – hosted by MacTaggart – that morning.

About EagleDream Technologies: EagleDream Technologies is one of the largest and fastest-growing cloud providers in the Northeast region, specializing in the delivery of solutions at the intersection cloud, application development, security, compliance, and user-centered design. Founded in 2013 with headquarters in Rochester, NY, EagleDream is a veteran-owned organization comprised of individuals with long-tenured relationships in information technology. EagleDream has a diverse and growing enterprise customer base and embraces a holistic, customer-focused approach in developing solutions that best meet client needs.

About KRNLS: KRNLS (“kernels”) is a growth strategy firm based in Pittsburgh, PA, offering services that help businesses to launch, reorganize, and grow. In less than two years, the KRNLS team has crowdfunded, launched, and supported business and government efforts across assorted sectors including robotics, machine learning, educational technology, consumer products, economic development, and entertainment.