Newly launched company, Share Experience Co., is reinventing the way exhibit and event design services are purchased. ShareX is an exhibit and event design, strategy, and management company that partners with corporate marketers and their agencies to create and consult on remarkable marketing experiences and environments of all sizes and kinds.

Marketers and their agencies both benefit from ShareX’s unique business model that considers each project individually to create and execute the best event marketing strategy possible. Unlike traditional exhibit houses, who make their money selling architecture, ShareX is focused on experience. ShareX does not maintain its own warehouse and manufacturing facility. When architecture is required, ShareX partners with a diverse variety of suppliers who deliver an unlimited number of fabrication options and rentals. Whenever possible, ShareX sources components locally to eliminate shipping. Also, ShareX has the freedom to work on a project-basis rather than locking clients into annual or multi-year contracts.

“We believe in maximizing impact — and doing it in the most sustainable way possible. Our approach isn’t for everyone — only those who value experience over inventory; engagement over structure; and excellence over the status quo,” says John Pugh, founding partner, ShareX.

Advertising and marketing agencies partner with ShareX on an as-needed basis to offer their clients the highest possible level of face-to-face brand experience design expertise. Even agencies that have previously been minimally involved in their clients’ trade shows and events can partner with ShareX to deliver comprehensive exhibit and event solutions.

Brunner is one of the innovative agencies who has partnered with ShareX to expand its in-house expertise. “As a full-service integrated marketing firm, we are often responsible for leading our client’s brand in every channel — including, at times, experiences in the exhibit or event space. ShareX is a perfect partner for us. They have the dimensional design, fabrication skills, and the big-time event operational experience that we don’t go deep in — and they work in an agile and nimble way like we do,” said Scott Morgan, president of Brunner.

ShareX also brings a thorough understanding of event technology to the table — everything from lead capture and analytics to engagement approaches that create interactivity, mesmerize attendees, and increase message memorability. Clients can partner with ShareX for as much or as little of their program as they need. ShareX can even act as exhibit manager for companies that do not have their own full-time exhibit specialist.

ShareX founders, industry veterans Marcus Vahle and John Pugh, possess decades of experience with high profile companies in the automotive and other industries—for which they’ve won numerous awards. “We’ve designed and managed everything from high profile trade show exhibits and golf tournaments to museums and corporate lobbies,” says Vahle.

ShareX’s agency and corporate marketer customers are early adopters who are ready to re-invent the trade show, auto show, and event services industry. “In 10 years, this will be the way everyone does things. We are pioneers in search of other pioneers who want to blaze the trail with us. We’re looking for the innovators who are ready to go there first,” says Pugh.

For more information about Share Experience Co., contact John Pugh at 412.915.4103. Or visit ShareX online at