Multiple companies, headquartered in the Czech Republic, met in Pittsburgh to present and offer product and service solutions to the global cyber security challenges facing a variety of businesses and individuals at the Explore Cyber event. Hosted by IT-CNS, a Pittsburgh-based IT and business consulting company, and the Embassy of the Czech Republic, the event included representatives from six Czech-based companies, the Pennsylvania Office of International Business Development, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and the cyber security industry.

“Today’s event provided Czech-based companies with an opportunity to introduce their products or services to American businesses and security industry leaders,” said Marek Hajn, COO of IT-CNS. “Each company present is interested in and planning for growth in the United States.”

The Czech Republic is one of the safest countries in the world regarding cyber security according to Chech Point, a multinational provider of hardware and software products for IT security. According to the Global Cybersecurity Index, Czech Republic is ranked 12th in the world in cyber readiness.

“Our country takes the cyber security threat very seriously and we continue to develop opportunities to share our knowledge globally,” said Jiri Janicek, Head of Economic Section, Embassy of the Czech Republic. “The United States presents a tremendous opportunity based on experiences created within our European markets.”

The companies present at the Explore Cyber event included:

  • CZ.NIC – manufactures the TURRIS project, a whole security environment composed by a secure-by-design router that analyzes cyber threats. Aside from serving as a traditional router, the TURRIS project analyzes the traffic between the Internet and the user network to identify suspicious data flows.
  • FLOWMON NETWORKS – empowers businesses to manage and secure their computer networks confidently through network monitoring technology and lean-forward behavior analytics. IT pros worldwide benefit from absolute network traffic visibility to enhance application performance that deals with modern cyber threats.
  • InMeSo (Integrated Medical Solutions, Inc.) – specializes in healthcare IT solutions. The company creates secure communications channels between the healthcare professionals and the general public.
  • IT-CNS – offers a data encryption and transfer application called Safety4Data that relies on a secure peer-to-peer virtual network. Safety4Data allows users to exchange files in an encrypted way without a specialized IT department, creating enterprise-grade encryption, saving an organization time and money.
  • NOVICOM – produces solutions for monitoring, administration and security large networks. The company’s main product – AddNet – increases the efficiency of IP address space management and network access control in large networks. AddNet provides a fully-integrated, complex set of technologies and services ready to join with other systems to further increase its added value.
  • SAFETICA – brings data loss prevention against accidental leaks as well as intentional thefts to companies of all sizes. SAFETICA protects construction designs for engineering companies as well as sensitive information from insurance companies, banks and telecommunication organizations.

During the event, representatives from each company presented their latest product and service offerings. These brief presentations were followed by networking and business meetings with those in attendance.