Three10 Solutions, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based tech startup creating a next generation patent search engine, “Dorothy,” announced today that it closed its seed funding round, raising $250,000 from an angel investor. Three10 will continue customer validation, product design, and development with its software partner Truefit, in preparation for January, 2019 launch.

Created by patent lawyers for patent lawyers, Dorothy is a search platform that uses natural language processing to analyze a user-provided description of an invention or product. Using a block of text, such as an abstract, invention summary, or product data sheet, Dorothy searches for similar texts in published patents, producing results focused on the idea’s concepts rather than keywords.

“Patent lawyers are the most rigorous users of search technology on the planet,” says Curt Wadsworth, a patent lawyer and founder and CEO of Three10 Solutions. “If you are building next generation search technology, it only makes sense to involve as many patent lawyers as you can in the development process. We get the hardest of hardcore users to train Dorothy and our patent lawyer partners profit from tasks, like patentability searching, that historically lose money.”

Three10 Solutions intends to reduce the number of irrelevant references identified in patent searched by at least 20 percent. A “novel feature” text field and weight toggle pushes references that describe specific elements of the invention to the top of the list of search results. Projections suggest that these improvements will improve gross profit margins for search related tasks by up to 30 percent, producing an almost $10,000 increase in profit per agent/associate per month for the average firm. Clients will also see the benefit of Dorothy.

“Better searching produces better patents,” Wadsworth says. Clients will time and money during prosecution of their patents by reducing the number of revisions to the claims that must be made before patent is issued. The U.S. Patent Office issues Office Actions providing the reasons why a patent cannot be granted, typically based on previously published patents and academic papers, referred to as “prior art.”

Attorney costs and Patent Office fees for responding to each Office Action cost patentees between $5,000 and $10,000. By drafting patent claims that avoid the prior art Dorothy identifies, patent attorneys can eliminate at least one Office Action, reducing prosecution time and saving clients money. Three10 Solutions is seeking design partners to aid in the development process. If you would like to contribute and receive discounts after product release, contact Three10 Solutions at

About Three10 Solutions

Three10 Solutions is a Pittsburgh-based tech startup, founded in May, 2018 that is building a next generation patent search platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning. “Dorothy” identifies relevant prior art based on the concepts described in searched publications, not keywords, and can add weight to specific elements identified by the user. Dorothy eliminates 20 percent of the irrelevant search results, saving associate time and increasing gross margins on search related tasks by up to 30 percent. For more information, visit Three10 Solutions logo is available by contacting

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