How bedding impacts our skin has been an oversight for decades. We’ve been sleeping on the same sheets for generations without stopping to think about how the fabric affects our skin health.
After noticing that her skin looked “slept on” first thing in the morning and remembering her grandmother who always slept on a satin pillowcase, Founder & CEO Allison Howard became curious about fabric properties and what actually happens with skin during sleep.
This curiosity mixed with a background in chemical engineering, drove her desire to create new sleep care solutions that would not only help her look better, but feel better in the long term.
Using state of the art fibers and smart construction methods, AURATEK sheets are designed to minimize resistance, drag, pulling on skin and stress to skin tissue without sacrificing comfort or durability.
During the month of July, AURATEK extends a limited opportunity to purchase its signature skincare bedding before it officially enters the market.
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