Ingrid Cook

Ingrid Cook is one of the Pittsburgh region’s most energetic and creative tech company founders. Before you listen to her story founding SHzoom, get a little background from her her:.

TechFuse: What inspired you to start and run your own business?

Ingrid Cook: From as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to start and run my own company.  For this reason, when I took my first job out of college, despite the headhunters who would contact me year after year, I never jumped at those opportunities.  I knew long before college, I would have a single employer, save up, and start a company of my own one day.  20 years later, I did just that!

TechFuse: Give us the elevator pitch for SHzoom?

Ingrid Cook:  We are the original inventors of “Snap A Pic, Get A Quote,” for your minor fender bender!  We now use our patented system to sell up-time to organizations with large fleets of vehicles.  Whether it’s a crash, OEM recall, or regular maintenance, our electronic repair management system with automated crash reporting destroys downtime problems by cutting the repair process in half! Got downtime problems? Consider Uptime by SHzoom!

TechFuse: Scariest thing starting your company?

Ingrid Cook: Knowing there is no success without failure first.  As Winston Churchill once said, ““Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” Through it all, I chose not to lose my enthusiasm; and finally, success is within my reach.

TechFuse: Advice to anyone thinking of starting their own company?

Ingrid Cook: Just like you plan and save for college, real estate, weddings, and even death – you should also plan and save before deciding to start and run your own company.  Secondly, make it point to engage those who have successfully done what you have set out to achieve.

TechFuse: Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Ingrid Cook: “Do something you fear everyday.”

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