Compass Systems: A Partner in Innovation and Problem Solving

April 10, 2018

Founded in 1997 with its design and manufacturing facilities in Johnstown, Pa., cutting-edge design, specialized services, rapid prototyping and manufacturing of tactical systems for the…


Pitt-Johnstown Partners to Build a CODE-Smart Community

March 28, 2018

It is an exciting time for Pitt-Johnstown as it continues to build the CODE for Commonwealth and Country community outreach initiative. Earlier this year, it…


Transformation Abounds in Johnstown

March 28, 2018

Today, Johnstown stands at the threshold of major transformation. Behind us we can look back and see great achievements, and before us we can see…

Cambria County

What’s Happening in Cambria County!

March 28, 2018

Pittsburgh’s dynamic neighbor to the east, Cambria County, continues to expand opportunities, encourage entrepreneurship and increase employment.  Here are some highlights of recent activity seen…

IAM Robotics

Getting Picky: IAM Robotics Finds Itself at Home in the Warehouse

March 28, 2018

IAM Robotics was founded in 2012 to offer a fresh take on warehouse material handling. Hailing from Carnegie Mellon University, CEO Tom Galluzzo saw a…


Joe Benz Named Director of Operations for Leading-Edge Electronics Manufacturer Intervala

March 8, 2018

Intervala, LLC, a full-service manufacturer of high-reliability, precision electronic and electromechanical products, announced today that Joe Benz has joined the Company as director of operations. Benz’s career…

Process Re-Engineering Through CIO-Driven Collaboration

March 28, 2018

CIOs are in a unique position. We own the technologies that run our companies.  We also need to understand finance and the bottom line, how products…

Environmental Technologies Find Fertile Soil Abroad with More Room for Growth

March 27, 2018

How many of us, in meeting someone visiting Pittsburgh for the first time, have heard some form of the statement, “I had an entirely different…

How to Avoid Resistance and Welcome Change

March 27, 2018

Top-down or bottom-up? In what direction should change happen in an organization? We are influenced greatly by what others do. We pick up on the…

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